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In 2011 BTBCF created its first BTBCF Scholarship in conjunction with D.R.E.A.M. A young lady named Katharine Sanchez from Puerto Plata will now be studying accounting at UTESA for 4 years until she graduates. Katherine Sanchez is the holder of the Beyond the Beach Scholarship. She is in her 4th semester at UTESA and her grades are excellent. Below are her grades from the 3rd semester in Summer 2012. Currently she is taking the following courses: Spanish Language IV, IV Accounting, Office, Professional Ethics, Mathematics II, Microeconomics, English II. Katherine was an A Ganar student with DREAM in our first session in the spring of 2011. She stood out and received the Outstanding Student Award in her group. A Ganar is a youth workforce development program that partners with local businesses to place the graduates in local businesses. A local partner of DREAM,Carib Wind, reached out to me for a office worker last month and I recommended Katherine. They hired her and they are very happy. So Katherine is currently getting experience in her field of accounting. To go along with the new job and excellent university work, the BTBCF Scholarship just purchased her a new laptop computer. See photo on right, she's receiving her computer. She is super-excited about access to doing her work more efficiently and improving her computer skills. She sends a large hug to everyone at BTBCF.

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